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Monday, January 18, 2010

Jus Burgers, Leederville

Burgers.  There's your fast food chain burgers.  There's your pub grub burgers.  There's your fancy fine dining lavish burgers that we won't go into.  Then there's Jus Burgers.

Jus Burgers in the late arvo

Neatly tucked into a market that sits well above the quality of the fast food variety, and yet less hit and miss than your average pub grub burger, are a range of dedicated burger places that Jus Burger fits into.  The original Jus Burger store in Leederville is a buzzing place where often you have to wait in line to order and receive your burger, and an even longer wait if you want to dine in to have that same burger.  Whilst a popular place usually means they're doing something right, the disadvantage of this is that you might feel somewhat compelled to eat and go to make way for the next customer.

From the outside, Jus Burgers looks like a funky happening joint which neatly fits into the Leederville scene.  From the inside, Jus Burgers looks like a neatly packed, happening burger joint that has a casual, relaxed and young feel.  The kitchen is open and you can see the staff working away flipping burgers and looking like they're not having a bad time doing it.

Jus Burger offers a variety of burgers from various cuts of beef, to chicken, to fish, to lamb, to kangaroo to vegetarian to... let's just say they have a lot of different burgers to choose from ranging on average from $10-15.  Jus Burgers state they use produce from WA where possible, thus supporting local industry.  This extends from the bread, to the meats and the vegetables.  To accompany the burgers, they have some sides such as chips and coleslaw, as well as drinks including the Phoenix branded range of organic drinks.

The Guvnor burger ($15) with foie gras ($6)

Ok, so this is the all out 270g burger topped with the optional $6 foie gras.  The burger comes out on a plate with lettuce, tomato, spanish onion, relish, aoili and a thick patty of beef.  Not to forget to mention a spread of foie gras on the inside of the top bun.  Oh... and a knife stabbed right through the burger.

The burger is a pretty decent burger, being freshly made from fresh ingredients.  The way it's presented and the ingredients used also set it apart from your normal pub burger or many common burger franchises that churn out burgers.  The patty itself isn't too bad - it's pretty consistent throughout showing it's made of decent beef mince, however there isn't a lot of added flavour to the patty - instead keeping to a more pure beef taste and relying on the sauces that go into the burger.

Given the size of the Guvnor burger, the addition of the foie gras adds only an incremental taste to the burger.  The question is how much better did it make the burger?  I definitely tasted the foie gras, but to me eating the burger as a whole I didn't think the foie gras added a great deal more to the experience of the burger - maybe as I'm used to being served foie gras where it is a dominant taste of the dish or in applications that draw out its flavour.  But for $6 it's well worth a shot if you don't know how foie gras tastes in a burger or if you haven't even tried foie gras before.

In summary Jus Burgers is a reasonably trendy burger place that is busy and during peak hours often requires a bit of waiting before you get served/seated.  The burgers though are better than your average burger and coupled with the fact that Jus Burgers seems to be the in-thing makes a good simple and relatively fast casual meal.

Points of note: A large variety of burgers on offer.  Lots of WA produce used.

Go for:  Simple burgers that are decent and have a choice of fillings combinations.  Modern, Leederville atmosphere.

Jus Burgers
743 Newcastle Street
Leederville WA 6007
(08) 9228 2230

Trading Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30am to 10pm
Sunday: 12noon to 9pm

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jealous I'm not in WA! Burger looks delicious. -JB