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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lava Stonegrill, Mount Lawley

Molten lava rock.  Some things may make people run for their lives, stop whole fleets of aircraft, or even be a magnet for tourists (like me)... but cooking your own food on heated lava stone?  That's a different one and another thing to add to the reported and speculated uses of volcanic by-products.

Even with the So I made my way to, for the second time, have a meal cooked on this controversial lava stone.  It was Saturday night at 7pm.  I made my way into Lava Stonegrill for a feed.  There is a distinct and visible cloud of smoke, and a strong smell of barbecued meats in the air as just about every patron is grilling their food on lava stones.  I had been here before on a less busy night when the barbecue cloud wasn't so prominent.

Lava Stonegrill is set in an old house converted into a restaurant.  The furnishings are pretty simple and the seating quite ample given the size of the house.  There were also multiple air conditioners operating, but unsuccessfully (or perhaps not on the right mode to) removing smoke and smells from the restaurant.

The menu contained a range of lava stone grill main courses ranging from differing meats to seafood.  For those not wanting to cook their own main course, there were also a handful of dishes that were served cooked.  The menu also contains a small selection of beer, cider, wines by the glass and bottle, and dessert wines.

Salt and Pepper Squid - $14.90

The squid was cut up decoratively to make the squid seem lighter and more attractive.  The squid was lightly coated with a light coloured golden batter mixed with salt and pepper.  This was then served with an aioli sauce and a small portion of salad.

This dish was quite good and had the makings of a light yet well flavour-balanced salt and pepper squid.

Mediterranean Lamb - $29.90

Served on a lava stone that has seen better days, the lamb was marinated in some Mediterranean herbs and filled with a feta cheese based mix that was a bit orange in colour.

Accompanying the lamb was a Napolitano and chilli sauce.  The sauce had a bit of bite from the chilli, and though the Napolitano tomato based sauce was meant to blend in with the Mediterranean lamb I felt it didn't really match the lamb for my taste.  However, having its own marinade, the lamb was already flavoured without meaning additional sauce wasn’t necessary.

The main course was served with a coleslaw type of salad, and a couple of boiled potatoes.

 Reef and Beef - $34.90

This reef and beef dish had the makings of your normal reef and beef dish - steak with a couple of prawns, squid and a scallop.  The dish was served with two sauces - one which seemed to go with the salad more than anything, and the other creamy one to go with the seafood.

This dish was also served with potatoes, and salad.  However, the flavours of the beef and also the reef seemed pretty ordinary tasting.

In summary, Lava Stonegrill is a novel way of having your dinner - allowing you the flexibility to cook to your own liking.  However, the tastes to me seem a bit ordinary but it's that novelty factor you are paying for.  My biggest regret though was the intense smoky smells not only in the restaurant but all over me and my clothes long afterwards.

Points to note:  Yes, you have to cook your own food and pay for it but it is kind of a novelty. If you prefer your meat less cooked, you may have to move it to the small saucer or ask for another plate. On a busy night, expect to leave smelling like a barbecue.

Go for: The novelty of cooking your own food on lava stone.

Lava Stonegrill
155 Walcott Street
Mount Lawley WA 6050
(08) 9328 6669

Trading Hours
Monday to Saturday - 5pm to 11pm 

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Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

I went here once a few years back, and agree that while it was a fun experience I'm in no rush to return.

When I was there I was trying to get the last bit of meat out of a prawn tail using my knife and fork (instead of my fingers like I usually would) and managed to flick the tail clear across the room and into a pot plant.

Adrian (The Editor) said...

Nice - you left your own souvenir in the pot plant. I wonder if it's still there.