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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hayashi Japanese Restaurant, Applecross

Given food like sashimi and sushi, and lightness of flavours in a lot of dishes (even tempura is a light fried batter), Japanese food often relies on the subtle inherent flavours, textures, and freshness of its ingredients.  Hayashi in Applecross has previously won some Gold Plate Awards, and prides itself on the freshness of their ingredients.

When you go into Hayashi, you get quite a warm feeling with paper lanterns, warm lighting, and lots of light brown wooden furniture.  The music being played softly in the background was alternative chill out music which was a bit different to the Japanese music used before.

The menu is quite extensive with a large selection of standard Japanese food on offer including sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, tempura, kara age, katsu, noodles, and set boxes.  Prices for mains range on average from $25 to 40.  The venue is also fully licensed, and even has sake (Japanese rice wine) on offer.

Seafood teppanyaki duo -  $31.50

The dish came with prawns, scallops, a bit of gourmet lettuce, broccoli, snow peas, parsley, and served with a bowl of rice, miso soup and sauce.

The miso soup came out prior to the rest of the meal in a regular sized small miso soup bowl and was pretty standard with seaweed and a bit of tofu in the soup.

In the main dish, the prawns were slightly crunchy and cooked in a soy based sauce that made it a bit salty for my taste.  In comparison, the scallops had a slightly soft centre, but comparatively did not absorb the salt as much.  The additional sauce provided was a vinegar sauce that was slightly vinegary and had some other very light soy based flavours.  The sauce helped bring the salt levels in the prawns down for me.

The vegetables were steamed very lightly.  The light cooking technique helped the vegetables maintain a nice crunch, without being undercooked.  The vegetables also tasted fresh and were lightly coated in a nice sweet soy tasting sauce, oil and sesame seed.

Beef tataki meal set - $28.50

The dish came with sliced beef tataki on a bed of finely shaven onion, garnished with parsley, and served with spring onion, and ground ginger and garlic.  The meal also came with a bowl of rice, broccoli and snow peas, side sauce, and miso soup.

The beef was seared very lightly and the meat was fresh.  The method of only slightly searing the beef and the medium thin slices made this quite a good dish.  The side sauce was similar to the sauce provided with the teppanyaki and for the beef tataki was perhaps not as strong in vinegar based flavour compared to some other Japanese places.

The vegetables and miso soup were similar to the ones provided with the teppanyaki.

In eating this dish, to me the overall meal seemed very light and not a filling meal.  Also as a matter of personal preference, I didn't feel that putting the beef tataki with a bowl of rice made this any better and in fact I would prefer not to have rice with beef tataki.  However, as an entree this would make it a good straight beef tataki dish.

Special Hayashi dinner set - $48

This dish consisted of teriyaki fish, chicken kara age, sashimi, superior beef, and vegetables, rice and miso soup similar to the meals above.

The teriyaki fish (fish that is usually pan-fried with teriyaki sauce) was cooked with a lot of flavour that with the amount of teriyaki sauce was a bit saltier than I prefer.  The chicken kara age (lightly battered and fried boneless chicken pieces) had a light lemon flavour to it.  The special beef was tasty and tender and well made.

The sashimi consisted of two slices of salmon, tuna and a white fish.  The sashimi was fresh and served with wasabi and soy sauce.

Chawan mushi - $10

The Japanese egg custard came with a lot of ingredients such as chicken and prawns, but the serving size was quite small and the egg was very lightly cooked (I prefer it to be cooked a bit more to be a bit more solid).

Overall, Hayashi has a variety of Japanese meals on offer with their own slight variations on the way they are prepared and presented.  Whilst the food seems pretty fresh, in comparison to some other Japanese restaurants I have been to, the meals do seem to me to be a bit on the pricier side.

Points to note:  A reasonable selection of Japanese dishes and Hayashi's own combinations of food.  Licensed.

Go for: Decent amount of selections available in their menu.  The ingredients used are very fresh.

2/15 Ogilvie Road
Applecross, WA
(08) 9316 3384

Trading Hours
Lunch - Friday: 12noon to 2:30pm
Dinner - Monday to Sunday: 5:30pm to 10:30pm
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