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Monday, March 28, 2011

1907 Restaurant, Perth

1907 reviews; 1907 Restaurant reviews
Discretely tucked away on Queen Street is 1907 Restaurant - a charming restaurant that offers fine dining away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

1907 is decorated with a mix of old world (think Victorian era, post Victorian and post federation) and contemporary plush furnishings, and completed with black and white photos by American photographer Murray Garrett.  For a restaurant that has a simple street facade and no windows, it does look quite impressive inside.

In March 2011, or more specifically the Eat Drink Perth month, 1907 is offering a special three course menu on Tuesdays to Thursdays for an affordable (in terms of fine dining) $59.  Each course had three options and the choice to be matched with wine for an extra $40.

The menu starts with 1907's special degustation menu and is followed by a mix of modern meat and seafood dishes as well as the odd vegetarian dish.  Prices of mains are mainly in the forties.  To complement the food, 1907 offers an extensive drink list: with a handful of whites and reds, a decent selection of wines (including some half bottles) from around Australia backed up by a few international selections, beers, spirits, and an excellent cocktail menu brought up from 1907's cocktail bar situated below the restaurant.

Seared yellowfin tuna - $26

Our first entree was the seared yellowfin tuna - lightly seared slices that were dressed in nam jim, and served with a slice of grilled watermelon as well as cucumber and fresh coconut salad.  To be honest, the combined flavours of the dish didn't excite me as much as the menu description, and in particular the spicy chilli nam jim seemed quite powerful for the tuna.  However, the tuna was cooked perfectly - rare.

The salad with its fresh slices of vegetables dressed with a pickled flavour was refreshing.  Lastly, the bright red watermelon slice was delicately prepared, retaining a good watermelon sweetness enhanced by the grilling.

Ginger glazed Berkshire pork belly - $27

Our second entree was a visually impressive pork belly dish surrounded by spicy Asian flavours (prawn & peanut sambal, black garlic, chilli vinegar, soy beans, baby coriander shoots).  Apart from also having a fair amount of just about overpowering chilli surrounding the pork, the combined flavours from the well matched prawn to the garlic and coriander gave a burst of welcome flavour to the tastebuds.  The tender and fat proportioned pork itself was also well marinated making this a tasty pork entree.

Cape Grim, grass fed Black Angus tenderloin 200g - $42

Although there was a fish and risotto option for this special Eat Drink Perth menu, the steak main course looked so good on the menu we couldn't get past it.

A black Angus tenderloin ordered medium rare, the steak was very tender and literally melted in the mouth.  A moat of red wine jus added more moisture and rich flavour to the already tender steak, whilst strong thyme and rosemary flavoured crumbs gave this dish more of a roast beef touch.  Although well made additions, these elements almost detracted from the quality of this steak for me.  However, I am a big fan of an amazing steak with something simple like horseradish cream and some sides, but the horseradish mousse was barely noticeable in this dish.

Overall though, this was an excellent cut of steak cooked perfectly.

Strawberries poached & raw, puree & sorbet, vanilla bavarois, crystallized violets - $17

Strangely (well at least for me) this was an unexpected highlight of the night.  I’m not usually one who orders strawberry desserts but this one hit the spot for me.  The sorbet was very smooth, rich in strawberry flavour and low in the otherwise bluntness of ice texture and taste.  Mixed with the creamy and rich, yet light vanilla bavarois, crunchy violets, and sweet strawberry puree, this combination is probably one of the best sweet and refreshing strawberry desserts I’ve tasted.

65% Dark Chocolate marquise - 17

1907’s take on chocolate, this dessert brought French style chocolate elements into this rich dessert.  The dark chocolate marquise was sweet, rich and chocolately for a mousse, and cutting through  it was like cutting through light cream, and melted in the mouth quickly like fairy floss.  Delicious.  The chocolate tuile was light and paper thin, broke apart like a snowflake and also melted in the mouth.

The lemon cheesecake on the other hand was a quenelle of relatively hard and heavy cheesecake to contrast the delicate textures of the chocolate that I thought was a little strange (I could have done with more of that marquise).

Finished off with welcome fresh blueberries, this was a nice, different chocolate dessert.

Petit fours of chocolate and marshmallow

In summary, 1907 Restaurant provides an experience of plush old world charm meshed with amazing black and white photos and contemporary touches.  The food, however, is contemporary fine dining and the service is friendly and attentive.

Points to note: 1907 Restaurant is offering a $59 three course special for Tuesday to Thursdays in March 2011.  In addition to the charming fine dining restaurant, 1907 has a cocktail bar situated below the restaurant that makes for a sophisticated bar experience. 

Go for: Fine dining with a bit of old world charm in a plush luxurious atmosphere

1907 Restaurant
Alleyway, 26 Queen Street
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9436 0233

Trading Hours
Lunch - Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 pm
Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday from 6.00 pm

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Mans said...

Great review as always!

Haven't been to this restaurant yet. But thanks to your review, I'm calling them tomorrow to make dinner booking, hoping they have a table for me before March ends!

The entree of tuna looks so beautiful. It's presented so elegantly and prepared the way I like it. Seared perfectly and almost rare! I would have picked that as my entree but overpowering chilli jam on beautiful yellowfin tuna? Hmmmph..

Agree with you on the whole steak issue. Great steak should be served with as minimal 'fuss' as possible on the plate. That's how I like mine anyway. Did u like the crumb bits on the steak?
BUT that piece of meat does look so amazingly sexy!!!

Don't know when I'll ever learn my lesson?! Blog hopping on Mondays is torture, when most of the good restaurants are closed.

Look forward to your next post.

Adrian (The Editor) said...

Thanks Mans!

The tuna is just dressed with the nam jim so if you're like me and think spicy chilli is a bit too overpowering for tuna you can just scrape it off, but then I'd like some other sauce to go with it.

The crumbs were actually nice by themselves - strong in both the thyme and rosemary flavours and having a lightly crunchy breadcrumb texture. I just prefer a good cut of steak without these additional strong flavours :)

I know what you mean about Mondays! Going out on Mondays is so hard when most good restaurants are closed.

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

I wanted to get here to try out this special menu but alas it was not to be! Glad you made it so that I can eat it off the page.

Good to see the tuna cooked nicely, it breaks the heart to have it cooked to buggery.

Quite attractive dishes :)

Jayson James said...

Great post!

Love how they presented the tuna. It looks very tempting and I can imagine how meticulous they were when they prepared the whole dish.

Thanks for sharing!

Adrian (The Editor) said...

Thanks Jayson!

It was an excellently seared tuna, and all their dishes were presented so well with a lot of attention to detail on all the components of each dish.

Anonymous said...

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my internet love story said...

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filipino love said...

Another great restaurant at Perth. I would not have known about this little cocktail bar if it had not been for my cousin. Perhaps this is for the better as there were enough seats on arrival for our group of 5 (cousin's friends). The cocktails were well made and staff very friendly. I would go back here in the future.

filipino women said...

And, the food and wine was so well matched and we enjoyed every single course.

John warner said...

It was an excellently seared tuna, and all their dishes were presented so well with a lot of attention.If you are looking for the best Accommodation in Perth,you don’t have to look for anywhere else.