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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(A)lure Restaurant and Bar, Burswood

I’m not a gambler.  Honest.  Though heading to Burswood Entertainment Complex there is more than just gambling to be had, and for me often it’s about taking a gamble with a restaurant and what to eat.

Walking through the Burswood complex, and making sure you make the right turns, you get to (A)lure Restaurant and Bar - one of Burswood's fine dining restaurants.  The interior is warm and modern, though the hard surfaces don't help much for reducing ambient noise.  The service is friendly, though on a busy night we felt that it was unfortunately not very attentive.

The menu shows a decent selection of dishes for a fine dining restaurant, having oysters, red and white meat as well as seafood options, but not so friendly for the vegetarian or vegan.  The prices also reflect the type of dining with prices of mains generally in the forties.  Wine-wise, the largely Australian selection of wines by the glass, bottle, and even half-bottle should cater for most tastes.

Crisp pork belly - $41

This pork belly was served with bubble and squeak, apple marjoram, and seared scallops.

Upon being served this dish, despite the excitement that pork belly can bring me, my first impression of this dish was unfortunately not a good one.  To me “crisp” pork belly in means the skin should be crackling or at least crunchy, but on first examination of the pork belly I thought this would have to be the most unique “crisp” pork belly I have had or “crisp” should have been omitted.  So to bury the nail in the coffin so to speak, I made my way straight to the alleged “crisp” part of the pork belly.  Alas, it was indeed soggy.

Apart from my pork belly not being “crisp”, the pork meat was also moist (at this point I am wondering if the pork belly was steamed), but the rest of the meal including the scallops and bubble and squeak was ok.  Probably the best part was in fact the scallops that were seared nicely.  However, maybe I’m being unduly negative due to my earlier disappointment.

Ferguson Valley chicken - $40

This chicken breast dish was made with garlic, porcini puree cream, spinach, and ricotta dumplings.

The chicken was a little dry, both in looks and taste, but otherwise the meal had a good overall taste helped a bit by the sauce.  I guess chicken breast is often dry though, which is why I usually prefer it with sauce unless the chef knows how to cook it right to keep it moist.

Roasted red emperor - $41

The red emperor was served with Margaret River venison chorizo, risotto, espelette pepper aïoli, and red pimento crust

I didn't get to try this dish out myself, however I was told that it was pretty good.

Potato gratin dauphinoise - $8

This potato gratin dauphinoise was (A)lure’s own layered potato and cream base that had a golden roasted top.

Grilled asparagus, garlic and parsley butter - $8

The asparagus was nicely cooked and the garlic and parsley butter taste was not prominent.

In summary, (A)lure provides a fine dining experience in the Burswood Casino complex.  However, I feel like the meal I had this round didn’t live up to the standard of my previous visit.  For now, I'm excited that Rockpool is opening very soon.

Points to note: Not very vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Go for: Fine dining at Burswood.

Burswood Entertainment Complex
Great Eastern Highway
(08) 9362 7551

Trading Hours
7 days a week – Lunch: 12pm to 3pm; Dinner: 6pm until late

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filipino women said...

It was better than we thought. The flavour for each dish was so great that we enjoyed every bite. Their staff were very attentive. We had a full 3 course meal.

filipino girls said...

And, Definitely a place to enjoy if u don't settle for average cooking!

Their service crew was very very friendly, nice,mmm and cute! :p