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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sundays Everyday, Myaree

You know those days when you can’t be bothered cooking, you want something filling and tasty, or perhaps even a good fry up… but you want it cheap!  Maybe this is the time to say “fast food chain” but although they certainly have their place in society, it’s good to go out and see what else is on offer – especially since there is a lot to choose from that doesn’t necessarily involve “would you like fries and a coke with that?”

Some time ago a friend, who has a very diverse and discerning palate for someone from a spit roast and oversized outdoor home built oven background, asked me to meet up at this “local” Japanese joint in Myaree called Sundays Everyday.  My initial thoughts to the name were a bit of confusion – which gets even more confusing considering it isn’t even open on Sundays, but perhaps they were trying to give the impression that their meals make every day seem like a Sunday.  Arriving for Saturday lunch and immediately getting the glorified lunch-bar feel, the clientele was a mixed crowd from families with kids, to friends hanging out as well as individuals in for a quick bite.  Also noticeable were the big Kara-age udon and rice bowls that my friend had been talking about in his bid to sell the place.

Despite the mention of kara-age, Sundays Everyday also sells other well known Japanese dishes such as teriyaki and sushi packs for around or just under the $10 mark.  However, not exactly matching the rest of the Japanese oriented menu in my opinion, Sundays Everyday also sell sandwiches - possibly to cater for the workers in the area since it is located in an industrial area.

Whilst Sundays Everyday has an ordering and pick-up system like a lunch-bar, there is a fair amount of seating both inside and outside the venue to make it like a small restaurant.  But note that it can get busy at times and the limited seats can fill up – though you would expect table turnover to be relatively fast.

Kara-age Udon - $8.90

The udon was cooked nicely, not being too soft but also cooked enough to not be floury.  The soup broth was light yet very flavoursome.  I found the combination of the udon with the soup was quite light yet for an udon (which normally has a lighter stock than say a ramen) it was flavoursome without being salty.  The udon was topped with shredded spring onion.

Kara-age Chicken with a dollop of Japanese Mayonnaise

The chicken in the kara-age was tender and moist, and the coating was slightly sweet and deceptively light.  The amount of kara-age was quite generous with the udon for the price, such that it gave you a nice fried chicken feeling that got a bit heavy for the health conscious individual.  The chicken kara-age was also topped with a generous dollop of Japanese mayonnaise that seems to go well with a lot of Japanese food.

The Kara-age Chicken coating

OK… so perhaps this isn’t the epitome of traditional Japanese cuisine nor the culmination of true-and-tried dishes meshed with contemporary flair and technique, but it tastes good enough and fills me up for $8.90.

Sundays Everyday also offer a Kara-age that goes with rice.  Though I did not order this dish, the Kara-age with rice is also $8.90, comes in a big noodle sized bowl and consists of steamed rice topped with a lot of kara-age chicken (seemingly more than with the udon) such that it's practically overflowing.  Whilst this makes it seem like very good value, in hindsight the amount of kara-age chicken might have sent me overboard with good fried fattiness that would have put me out for the rest of the day.  Well, maybe an hour or so.

In summary, if you’re looking for a cheap fix and especially if you’re looking for a good filling fry-up you might like to give Sundays Everyday a go.  It’s not fancy, nor does it sit at the cutting edge of food, but it is a good value lunch-bar type place if you want to stuff yourself with say fried chicken.

Points to note: Despite its name, it’s not open on Sunday.

Go for: Cheap meals, filling chicken kara-age.

Sundays Everyday
43 Hulme Court
Myaree WA 6154
(08) 9330 2911

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Suze said...

For a cheap Japanese eat, I love Sundays Everyday! I used to work very close by a couple of years ago and would often drive there to buy lunch, or we would all decide to get lunch from there and do one big order.

The karaage with rice is extremely good value. Especially considering it's so filled with the chicken that they can't fit the top on and it's usually just propped on top or shut with an elastic band!

James said...

Hulme Court was one of my usual haunts a few years back too, and Suze is right - this is a great place to grab a bite for lunch. Definitely worth a visit :)