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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Boatshed Restaurant, South Perth

Perth has an attractive night skyline. With colourful lights shining above the swan river, coupled with clean air and large open green areas, a walk along the South Perth foreshore or even Kings Park can be rather pleasant. This is prime location.

Cue The Boatshed Restaurant. Situated near the Coode Street jetty, the Boatshed Restaurant resides along a quiet-at-night part of the South Perth foreshore with an excellent view of the city skyline. The views possible from The Boatshed Restaurant are amongst some of the best in Perth.

To complement the great views, the Boatshed restaurant provides a fine dining experience serving modern Australian cuisine in an upmarket but relaxed environment. The interior is simple but emphasises the view with French doors lining the river side of the restaurant.

The Boatshed Restaurant’s menu is designed with the modern Australian profile in mind. Including many common base ingredients but then offering the chef’s own modern twist or enhancements, the menu is supported by a wine list that consists mainly of Australian wines with the odd foreign wine mixed into the list.

 Pan seared scallops, sushi rice, seaweed salad, wasabi mayonnaise $26

The dish started with some wasabi mayonnaise layered decoratively onto the plate. The dish had four serves of seasoned sushi rice wrapped in seaweed, topped with lightly dressed seaweed, followed by the pan seared scallops, and finished with salmon roe.

I guess this dish was in a way the chef’s own adaptation of Japanese sushi that, despite the otherwise blandness in a plain rice sushi roll, actually tasted alright when eaten together combining the tastes of the scallops, seasoning and sauce. However, personally I wouldn’t really order this dish as a substitute for sushi.

 Home made duck liver pate, toasted brioche, red onion, French gerkins $24

This dish was designed for sharing, and given the amount of rich duck liver pate I tend to agree that sharing is appropriate.

The duck liver pate had a definite pate taste, but was not very smooth compared to some other pates I have had. Combined with the toasted brioche, the pate was a good sharing appetiser but I feel that I have had other more refined and balanced tasting pates before.

Confit duck legs, Madeira sauce, red cabbage, risotto croquettes $44

The confit of duck legs was cooked completely through, and the skin had a slight crispiness to it. The Madeira sauce helped keep the dish moist for me, whilst the red cabbage added a good light vinegary acidity that helped keep the dish and palate fresh.

The risotto croquettes had a cheese taste and were crumbed uniformly and shaped well. The risotto rice was cooked enough to not have a prominent hard or chewy interior texture that you can get with some risottos – and is my preference.

Slow cooked lamb shank, bean cassoulet, potato fondant, rosemary jus $38

The slow cooking process of the lamb shank showed in this dish, with the lamb meat coming off the bone quite easily. The lamb was accompanied with a bean cassoulet, string beans and a potato fondant which was soft and reasonably smooth textured.

The dish was finished with a rosemary jus which added a complimentary flavour to the dish.

Chocolate heaven quattro $15.50

Mocha brulee, white chocolate and limoncello mousse, hazelnut macaroon, and Dutch chocolate sorbet.

This chocolate dish was great in that it offered a combination of different chocolate desserts in one. The mocha brulee was light and a bit like a cake or fondant; the mousse was very light in chocolate taste, wasn’t as fluffy as other mousses I’ve had, and had a light but distinct limencello taste; the hazelnut macaroon was also light in chocolate taste and was a bit dense like a biscuit; and the sorbet was more creamy like an ice cream rather than a sorbet, and had a strong chocolate taste complete with chocolate chips.

Rosabrook red and Momo White $9.50 (each)

Overall, the Boatshed Restaurant offers a fine dining experience with great city skyline views. However, personally I didn’t find the food to be a stand our or that adventurous or challenging for my palate

Points to note: Modern Australian food with some interesting interpretations and variations on common food. If you want a seat with a view, you may want to see if you can request one as not all seats are close enough to the windows with good views.

Go for: Great city skyline views in a fine dining experience.

The Boatshed Restaurant
Coode Street Jetty
(08) 9474 1314

Trading Hours
Monday to Friday - 7:30am to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 10pm
Sunday 8am to 4pm

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Bryt said...

I've heard of it, but haven't been. But your photographs of the food are gorgeous and tempting!

Adrian (The Editor) said...

Thanks Bryt :)

Rogger Mcloud said...

This is international food? I mean, because I have seen it in other place, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't know if you have been there. But in Buenos Aires rent an apartment is very cheap and also you have so many options. It is a nice trip if you have intentions to travel to South America.