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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hobart Deli, North Perth

It's time to go out for breakfast again in the warm and sunny lead up to Christmas.  I'm finding those poached eggs on toast too hard to pass on, and whilst one of my friends says going out for breakfast can make you feel bad because you can make a decent breakfast easily at home, it is a great and happy way to start the day.  Breakfast out is made even better when you find places that do something a little different, a little bit special.

So here we are today at Hobart Deli.

Hobart Deli is located in an otherwise quiet area of North Perth, at the corner of Auckland Street and Hobart Street (of course!).  Its location means there is ample street parking around, as well as a fair amount of al fresco dining overlooking a suburb and park (as opposed to lots of traffic).  Inside there is an open kitchen and tables that can be a bit cramped when they're busy - cozy perhaps.

Foodwise, Hobart Deli has a breakfast menu that runs till noon - breakfasts range from your simpler toast and muesli selections, through to a variety of cooked dishes, eggs on toast and a full breakfast.  Prices start from below $10 for your simple uncooked breakfasts and go upwards of $20 for decent cooked breakfasts.  Of course, there is also coffee and tea as well as a selection of juices to round off your breakfast experience.

Aside from breakfast, there is presumably a lunch menu (though I haven't tried lunch at Hobart Deli yet), a display fridge with items such as quiches and gourmet croissants, and a nice selection of home-made cakes and cookies on the counter top.

Homemade cornbread with smoked salmon - $19.90

This cornbread stack had a base of two thin cornbread slices that looked like pikelets but with added corn.  The cornbread was lightly sweet and further sweetened and textured with the mixed-in corn, thought they did still seem a bit like corn pikelets in taste and texture.

The cornbread was layered with extra corn kernels, light and raw green leafy vegetables, slices of smoked salmon, and topped with a poached egg that was cooked perfectly - egg yolk oozing.  To dress the stack there was a lime and dill cream adding flavour and acidity, but keeping it light.

This was overall a delicious light meal, a combination of sweet and savoury and acidic tastes, but if you're hungry this alone isn't likely going to satisfy you.

The Playground - $24.90

This breakfast had a couple of poached eggs, spinach, roast tomato, mushroom ragu, bratwurst, bacon, potato rosti and butter.

Like the cornbread meal above, the poached eggs were cooked perfectly and runny - they just looked neater in this meal.

All the other elements in the meal helped give this dish a satisfying "full breakfast" feel, but with Hobart Deli's gourmet twist - the tomatoes were roasted, the mushrooms cooked ragu style, and a mildly seasoned potato rosti making the dish filled with great flavours for breakfast.  At $24.90 though, the price might be a little steep for some.

Croissant - $8.90

Being in the display fridge, the croissant was reheated in the oven before being served.  This croissant was filled with hand sliced ham, a nice touch compared to the processed variety, as well as brie cheese - overall making this ham n cheese toast feel and taste special.

The croissant itself was sweet, but a tad dry and crumbly - it was later in the afternoon (after starting to play Ingress on Android and trying to fill up the XM bar, but I digress!) so a combination of it being in the display fridge all day followed by reheating in the oven may have caused this.  If it wasn't for this, I would think this gourmet style croissant was surprisingly delicious for what it was.

Apple Sicilian cake - $6.50

This Apple Sicilian cake came recommended by the waitstaff, and was a great cake that would go well with tea (or just as fine without).

The cake was quite sweet, filled with soft slices of apple and sultanas, and dusted with icing.  The cake was also very moist, and the texture was a little dense from all that moisture and fruit.  Also, on the side was a bit of lightly whipped cream.

Overall, a great cake that was neither heavy nor too light.


We liked: Good variety of gourmet breakfasts; ingredients seem fresh and meals well made; good range of delicious home-made cakes.

We didn't like: A little on the pricier side of breakfast; it can be a little cramped inside; service can seem a little indifferent at times

Other things to note: There is a breakfast menu, lunch menu, as well as cakes and items in the fridge such as quiches and croissants; Ample street parking; good split of inside and al fresco tables

Hobart Deli
45 Hobart Street
(08) 9444 8686

Trading Hours
Breakfast and Lunch - 7 days a week (kitchen closes at 2:30pm)

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Toddy said...

My fav breakfast spot, your blog does it justice. The cakes here rock!

Adrian said...

Thanks Toddy! I'm going to have to go down and try more cakes.