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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

As you're recovering from the big Christmas feeds and festive drinks, or even if you're just rising up early or late in the morning and your stomach is rumbling, you'll probably crave a good cooked breakfast and maybe catch up with a mate whilst you're at it.

Spawning from the cafe strips and ever-increasingly so in the quiet suburbs are little gems waiting to be found, and already well and truly discovered by the locals.

Sayers Sister is located in the quiet end of Lake Street (i.e. in the suburban area, away from the pubs and clubs) near the small restaurant/cafe corner that also is home to other well-known establishments such as Nine Fine Food and Nahm Thai.  The quiet yet central location means there is plenty of nearby street parking, and a relaxing al fresco area not ruined by bustling traffic.

The breakfast menu at Sayers Sister is a little like its "brother" - start with your simple muesli and eggs n toast breakfasts and build on it with gourmet offerings that aren't shy of a bit of creativity.  Prices start from below $10 for your simple breakfasts (such as toast) or for the substantial breakfasts into the high teens and even twenties but is I guess not unusual for Perth these days.  On top of your breakfast menu is the drinks menu, specialising in many of your favourite coffees and teas, pre-packaged drinks as well as the odd fresh juices.

Like many cafes that offer a good breakfast, Sayers Sister has both indoor and al fresco dining.  Whilst the interior is nicely decked out, almost elegantly, with quaint tables and chair lined up neatly around the walls as well as bar seating in the middle; the al fresco dining is set amongst the quiet end of Lake Street making it quite pleasant - not scenic, but at least without excessive car fumes to ruin your breakfast meal.

Full Breakfast - $22

The full breakfast was Sayers Sister's version of a gluttonous breakfast feed.  Like many breakfasts, it started with eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) served alongside two pieces of very crusty bread.  The bread was toasted so crusty it made a mess around the plate and table with crumbs flying just about everywhere as I cut into it.

Served with the eggs on toast were potato cake, 3 beans, grilled tomato, balsamic mushroom, chorizo sausage and bacon.  Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that the poached eggs I had runny and delicious.

The potato cake was like baked with sliced potato and peas, lightly seasoned and the potato and peas soft - in fact the peas seemed a little dead and colourless.  The potato cake was topped with a mushroom that didn't really have much of a strong balsamic taste.

On  the other side of the plate were some slices of Italian sausage that were quite (chilli) hot sitting on top of a few slices of non-crispy bacon.

Lastly, in a bowl were the three beans swimming in a tomato chutney like sauce and topped with grilled tomatoes.

Overall I found the full breakfast to be filling (without being excessive), well cooked, and to be sufficiently unique to be worth a try.

Potato rosti - $19.50

My first impression of a potato rosti for $19.50 was "that's expensive!".

However, this was no ordinary potato rosti.

The potato rosti was like a baked cake, the roasted potato assembled into a dense but not too heavy cake and lightly seasoned.  The overall taste wasn't far from your normal potato rosti, but less sloppy and damp.  Given the volume of the slice, it was pleasantly filling.

Served with the potato rosti was bramley apple and thyme chutney (which was quite light it didn't overpower anything on the plate), runny-yolk poached eggs, bacon and rocket leaf.

Overall, you could say this was like a full breakfast meal, minus the bread, and supersize the potato rosti.

Cappuccino - $3.80

Sayers Sister uses a Five Senses blend of coffee made of 60% Brazil Ipanema - Tree Dried Natural, and 40% Bali - Begus Sekali - Washed Coffee.  The result is a smooth and decent strength coffee

We liked: Well prepared and thought out food; the breakfasts didn't feel greasy nor excessively salty; nicely decked out interior

We didn't like: High prices for breakfast; I'm going to say it, horrible peas - though I don't generally like peas :)

Other things of note: Vegetarian options available; catering available (on request); ample street parking around; indoor and al fresco dining on an otherwise quiet street; busy times will mean waiting in lines.

Sayers Sister
236 Lake Street
(08) 9227 7506

Trading Hours
Monday to Saturday: Breakfast - 7am to 11:30am; Lunch - 11:30am to 2:30pm (5pm close)
Sunday: Breakfast - 7am to 2pm; Lunch - 11:30am to 3pm (5pm close)

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