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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hippo Creek African Grill, Hillarys

Hippo Creek restaurant reviews; Hippo Creek African Grill reviews
Are you a hungry, hungry hippo?  Or just outright want to eat copious amounts of meat?  With probably the biggest concentration of South Africans outside of South Africa, it's no surprise that they brought their grill restaurants to Perth for our carnivorous enjoyment.

So when I think South African Grill, I think MEAT!  That's where Hippo Creek comes in with more than its fair share of meat including a good selection of steak, including moderate grades of Angus and Wagyu, and the Hunter's Assaghai (see below).  But for those not so red meat inclined, Hippo Creek has chicken (including a chicken version of the Hunter's Assaghai) and seafood options.

However, if you're vegetarian you then I hope you like garden or greek salad, or are happy with garlic bread and dessert as this restaurant isn't designed for you.  However, if you really are a carnivorous hippo you might want to consider the 2kg rump steak challenge.  I'll leave you alone with that one.

To complete the food side of things, contained in its own cowhide leather bound menu, the drink menu has many of your usual beers, wine (which unsurprisingly includes some South African options), and spirits.

Hunter's Assaghai - $43.50 (500 grams)

Coming in the 350g standard serve, or the "man-sized" 500g meal this is the "piece de resistance" or rather the centrepiece of Hippo Creek's South African Grill menu.  Think 500 grams of rump chunks, skewered and roasted, and  topped with melting garlic butter (or chilli/peri peri butter) oozing down those lashings of beef.  If all that meat doesn't tempt you, how about the bowl of crunchy fries that soaks up the melted garlic butter that drips to the bottom of the skewer.  'Nuff said.

Did I forget to mention that it also comes with a small garden salad?  Healthy stuff.

Chicken Breast - $39

At a different pace to the Hunter's Assaghai, the flame grilled lemon and marinated Mount Barket chicken breast was surprisingly moist and tender.  The chicken breast was topped with a few crunchy garlic king prawns (peeled but with tails left on) and surrounded by a decent amount of creamy garlic sauce.  Finishing off this place was a smooth and creamy mash and asparagus sticks.  It all tasted pretty good, no doubt due to the chicken breast being moist and the very creamy garlic sauce.

Koeksisters - $14

The least mainstream sounding dessert on the menu, to me the main component of the dish tasted like a sweetly (orange syrup) soaked soggy and doughy doughnut that clumped on its way down the throat.  Unfortunately that took the task of finishing this dessert off my things to eat list.

On the plus side, the cinnamon ice cream tasted ok (however it wasn't silky smooth or anything special) and the chocolate dipped orange slices went down a lot easier.

Amarula Mousse - $13

The two scoops of each of white and dark chocolate mousse were sweet and chocolatey.  Though they were definitely identifiable as chocolate mousse, they were quite average in texture and consistency like a soft ice cream.  I could finish this but after all that meat earlier in the meal the four scoop serving was a bit rich.

A couple of fingers of (dense and dry) lady finger biscuits dipped in a bit of chocolate were also present but didn't add a lot to the chocolate mousse.

Cappuccino - $3.50

Even though this was organic Toby's Estate coffee, it was a pretty average coffee that that seemed a bit watery - but hey this is a South African Grill and not an awarded Barista coffee shop.

In summary, Hippo Creek is a place to go for meat.  Despite being most well known for steaks and the Hunter’s Assaghai, Hippo Creek does offer white meats and seafood alternatives.  However you might be struggling for a mains past salad if you're vegetarian, but then again if you're vegetarian an African grill is probably not where you would eat.  Unfortunately, I thought the desserts were a little ordinary.  The service too can be a bit interesting – it’s not bad, but we watched out beer sit on the counter for more than five minutes whilst nearly half a dozen young wait staff were standing around it chatting.

Points to note: This is a South African Grill so expect tons of meat (and usually beef) to come out of the kitchen.  Most of the dishes are relatively simple and this isn’t fine dining – but they do make an effort with a good selection of meat.

Go for:  Meat of course.  And preferably steak.  Though if you aren't into beef you can still survive on chicken or seafood.  Vegetarians - might I suggest you go elsewhere?

Hippo Creek African Grill
Shop 203 Sorrento Quay Boardwalk
Hillarys Boat Harbour
58 Southside Drive
(08) 9447 2238

Trading Hours
Lunch and Dinner - 7 days
Breakfast - Saturday and Sunday

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Adrian (The Editor) said...

The Hunter's Assaghai was my highlight due to the sheer pleasure of chunks of medium rare meat dripping with garlic butter through to crunchy chips, which I haven't seen anywhere else. It's also the talk of any conversation I have about Hippo Creek (well at least with my mates anyway). I'm sure the steaks are great too and Hippo Creek is an excellent place for getting a much needed meat fix.

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