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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tasik Indonesian Restaurant, Northbridge

Tasik Indonesian Restaurant review
Tasik is a scenic town in Indonesia and is the inspiration for this Indonesian restaurant in Northbridge.

The family behind Tasik has been in Perth for decades, but only more recently have they relocated their restaurant to this venue in Northbridge.  In moving to Northbridge, they have taken over a larger premise and are able to cater to a greater number of customers as well as larger groups.  However, even with the move, they still serve great tasting and authentic (given the "local" patronage) Indonesian food.

The restaurant venue looks like an old house that has been converted into a restaurant.  It has multiple rooms with the kitchen at the back, the reception and toilets are in the middle, and the main dining rooms are in the front as well as some "outdoor" dining that has been properly converted into additional dining areas by additional wood and glass barriers.

Tasik’s menu contains a range of Indonesian food at affordable prices with many dishes coming in at the $10-15 range.  However, there are also lunch specials where some one-person meals are only $9.50.  The food is broken up into your typical appetisers, and then mains which are either intended for one person or share dishes (not to say you couldn't eat a share dish to yourself).  Expect to see rice dishes, along with curries, meats, seafood, and the odd dish for vegetarians (mainly tofu and/or vegetables).

Nasi goreng ayam - $9.50 (during the lunch special)

This meal, which was $9.50 during the lunch special, was a rice, meat and veg dish - but not quite as simple as it sounds as the rice was fried, and the meat was marinated chicken.

Despite its colour, and a bit of egg mixed through, the fried rice wasn’t salty but did seem to leave a bit of oil behind on the plate.  The fried rice was topped with a fried egg and a bit of dried garlic shavings.

The chicken piece was marinated, making it look a dry curry yellowy brown.  The dryness made it a tad dry for my liking but nonetheless the chicken did have flavour.

Rounding off this dish, some basic salad vegetables were placed on more like garnish, and some crunchy prawn crackers filled the rest of the plate.

Ayam goren, sayuran & nasi putih - $9.50 (during the lunch special)

Moving on to another rice dish but with more sides, this meal started with a steamed rice base, and was accompanied by two pieces of chicken, stir fried vegetables, and some garnish including a slice of tomato, cucumber, and carrot and a few pieces of prawn crackers.

The chicken was described as “well marinated” and looking at and tasting it, it beared remarkable resemblance to the chicken in the Nasi goreng ayam.  So yes, whilst it was well marinated, I guess I prefer my curry chicken to have more moist meat or otherwise a sauce to accompany it - but we get to that later.

The vegetables were a mix that included broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onion, and zucchini and was cooked with a decent amount of sauce making them soft, and easy to eat by themselves or mixed into the plainer tasting steamed rice.

The prawn crackers were crunchy like in the first dish.

Ayam gulai - $14 (with steamed rice for one in the background)

... and finally, a curry dish with sauce to go with some rice.  This Indonesian chicken curry dish was a creamy and mildly hot curry dish of chicken pieces and potato.  The curry, as expected, was cooked with the many ingredients that go into a curry giving it that full curry flavour.  Good enough to shove into any leftover rice to prevent curry sauce wastage.

In summary, Tasik Indonesian Restaurant is a great place for well-priced authentic Indonesian food.  It is situated in what seems a former house giving the restaurant a bit more character.

Points to note:  They have lunch specials where meals normally about $13 are only $9.50.  They also have a few tofu and vegetable based dishes for vegetarians.  BYO.

Go for:  Well-priced authentic Indonesian food.

Tasik Indonesian Restaurant
63 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9228 1884

Trading Hours
Lunch – Tuesday to Friday, and Sunday
Dinner – Tuesday to Sunday

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Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Easy walking distance from my place and yet I still haven't been here... perhaps I need to wait until winter when I'm really hankering for a Bali holiday ;)

Restaurant reviews said...

I love this site. The restaurant venue looks like a beautiful house. Foods are so nice. Thanks a lot....

Mans said...

Tasik! They used to be called Raos restaurant when they were back in Mt Lawley. They used to serve the best beef rending in Perth too. Although I'm still a big fan of their food in general but unfortunately their beef rending isn't as great as it used to be! :(
And their nasi goreng kambing (lamb fried rice) when it isn't cooked too oily, is just finger licking good, served with their satay!

Awesome blog btw! Love it! :) :)

Adrian (The Editor) said...

Conor: Yeah it's just about the quickest trip to Bali you can make - maybe I'll see you there in winter.

Restaurant reviews: Thanks! I went to the restaurant that was situated there before Tasik took over and whilst its largely similar they have done it up a bit. I also prefer Tasik's food to the old Indonesian place and the price is definitely cheaper.

Mans: Thanks for the background - I hadn't been to their former restaurant but I got recommended to go to Tasik by someone who knew them from their Mount Lawley days. I'm now going to have to go back and try their satay.

go west said...

These dishes look insane! Will have to drop by.

Anonymous said...

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