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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daisies of Cottesloe, Cottesloe

For many, summers and hot weather in Perth often calls for a nice day at the beach.  A day at the beach often goes hand in hand with things like ice cream, icey poles, fish and chips, and burgers.  Daisies of Cottesloe is one of those places that is not quite at the beachfront but close enough (or if you're in the area) to drop by for a snack or a quick bite to eat.

Daisies is a very casual deli/casual cafe place (like a lunch bar) that serves simple foods like pre-made burgers, pre-made sandwiches, pre-made pasta, sandwiches made on the spot, muffins, and coffee.  It is also a deli with a small range of grocery items for sale.  Outside of Daisies is a simple and casual eating area where you can have that coffee and muffin or burger or sandwich and sweets.

Beef Burger - $8.95

The beef burger came with a beef patty, tomato, rocket, mayonnaise, bbq sauce, grated cheese, and caramelised onion.  The beef burger was pre-made and kept in a bain marie, and this of course will mean the freshness will depend on what time of day you come.

The beef in the burger was less than one cm thick, and the rest of the ingredients were spread around the burger and the overall height of the burger was quite normal.  Interestingly, some ingredients were placed above the patty, whilst others below.  This separation worked well and also was good to separate out the two sauces.

The range of ingredients used as well as the sauces in this burger made it a nice and tasty casual burger but as I got this burger in the early afternoon, the burger wasn't the freshest it could have been and it showed in the bun and the ingredients.

Rocky Road - $19 per kg

This rocky road consists of mounds of milk chocolate set with a huge variety of lollies including bananas, jelly beans, milk bottles, hundreds and thousands, and other jelly lollies like fruit jellies.  It is very sweet and a very heavy going sweet treat, whilst being a bit different (given the various lollies added) for lovers of rocky road.  Daisies has different chunks on display you can choose from varying in size.

Overall, Daisies of Cottesloe is a nice simple and casual lunch bar/deli place.  It is close to Cottesloe beach for the casual eat on the way to or from the beach that is a bit different to fast food or fish and chips.  Of course, you don't actually have to be at the beach and you could happen to be in the area and need a quick bite to eat.

Points to note:  Lunch bar/deli atmosphere and food.  Reasonably close to Cottesloe beach.

Go for:  (Mostly) pre-made burgers or sandwiches close to the beach or that you could bring down to the beach.

Daisies of Cottesloe
305 Marmion Street
Cottesloe, WA
(08) 9384 0974

Trading Hours
7 days: 6am to 9pm

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Anonymous said...

Wow this all looks delicious. You're giving me many reasons to travel to Perth! Great photos. JB

Todd said...

Daisies is the best!

I love there food - highly endorse!

Keep up the good blogging work :D

Adrian (The Editor) said...


Yes, the food is good for a nice casual meal :)

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I really loved this recipe, and will definitely make again....

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