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Monday, April 11, 2011

Koko Black, Claremont

Koko Black Claremont reviews; Koko Black Perth reviews
Chocaholics rejoice there is a new chocolatier in town!

Since 2003, a Melbourne start-up Chocolatier by the name of Koko Black has grown to become a well known chocolate institution carrying on the art of European chocolate making in Australia.  After a few expansions by way of new stores over the years Koko Black has finally made its way to Perth, suitably locating its first store in the upmarket Claremont Quarter managed by Hawaiian - a notably classier location than some other chocolatiers that have been appearing around town.

With shelves and glass display cabinets filled with chocolate selections, Koko Black is a true chocolatier.  You can choose from a wide selection of individual chocolates, an in season Easter selection, and even dine in for chocolate desserts, hot or cold chocolate drinks, and even high tea.

Belgian Spoil - $13.50

This board of chocolate delights was one of those chocolate tasting boards for the serious lover of chocolate.

Starting with a square of simple chocolate flour cake that seemed a tad dry, I made my way through the piece of shortbread (that seemed a little plain and lacking of the rich buttery texture of shortbread on the overall chocolate plate), a couple of Koko Black chocolates, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ice cream.

The Koko Black chocolates were pretty good.  One was a raspberry chocolate flavour and the other had a soft chocolate centre and a bit of crunchy praline like nuts.  The chocolates were very smooth and consistent, rich and finished with a touch of Koko Black branding.  Leaving the chocolate to melt in your mouth further showed how silky smooth it was.  A good chocolate worthy of creating an upmarket chocolatier around.  Though to me not quite in the same league as those oh-so-good fresh Leonidas pralines or Godiva chocolates, but also coming under their  prices unless you're passing through Europe any time soon.

Rounding off this dish the smooth chocolate mousse and ice cream were both very, very sweet and very chocolatey.  In particular the mousse was very rich and provided the strongest chocolate hit on the plate.

Otherwise, a bit of a contrast to the chocolate cake and shortbread, the mousse and ice cream are probably the best items on the plate for the serious chocolate dessert lovers (and are available in other dessert type selections).  The crunchy crumbs sprinkled on the mousse were also a nice touch.

Belgian Hot Chocolate - $5.95

This hot chocolate was made with Belgian dark chocolate and according to T.E. was moderately sweet but still retained a bitter taste.  The overall consistency and mix was like a classy but "normal" hot chocolate made with Belgian chocolate.  The hot chocolate however was not quite the same as a thickly rich hot chocolate that is almost like a cup of chocolate that many people (including T.E.) prefer to go out to a dedicated chocolatier for (e.g. San Churros' thicker and sweeter hot chocolates).

Light Hot Chocolate - $5.95

According to "H.T." the light hot chocolate was sweeter than the Belgian Hot Chocolate, but true to its name was also lighter with a milk chocolate taste and a moderate sweetness.  Again, a milky hot chocolate as opposed to a thick chocolatey hot chocolate.

In summary, Koko Black makes a good addition to Perth's growing chocolate scene.  It is a good chocolatier with a good range of take-home and dine in options, however their selection of menu items vary with some items not as chocolate crazy as some other chocolatiers (right now I'm thinking of Guylian in Sydney where ordering a single chocolate dessert plus iced chocolate drink would send me into an ill state of complete chocolate meltdown).  Though none of us were in awe and itching to go back, if I make it here again soon I will have to try the iced chocolate drinks.  In the meantime, I'm sure Koko Black will have a huge following in our ever growing hunger for sweets and chocolate.

Points to note:  Koko Black has everything from chocolate for sale, to dine in hot and cold chocolate drinks, and chocolate desserts.  There is also a high tea for those who like to go that bit extra.

Go for:  Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

Koko Black
23 St Quentin Ave
(08) 9284 2049

Trading Hours
Monday to Friday - 9am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday - 9am to 11pm
Sunday - 10:30am to 10pm

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