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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rosemount Hotel, North Perth

OK, so the Rosemount Hotel is more known for its live bands, themed nights and beer garden as opposed to its food... But pub grub is pretty common and can be great for catching up with mates with a quiet bevvy or two.

A little while back, the Rosemount Hotel underwent some renovations and transformed itself into a pretty cool pub for locals and their mates.  The renovations kept a typical suburban pub feel but with more character and young appeal.  The Rosemount offers (on various nights) live bands and DJs, quiz and bingo nights, a Sunday sesh, and a beer garden.

The Rosemount Hotel offers your usual with beers including beers on tap, wines, and spirits. To go with the drinks, the Rosemount Hotel serves up some pub food from pizzas, to steaks, salads and other pub grub including $12 specials on Sundays to Thursdays.

Chicken pomodoro pasta - $12

This pasta dish was the $12 special for Tuesday night.  It was not on the menu, and you had to request it at the counter.  The pasta came with chicken, a tomato based sauce, bits of diced onion, some parmesan cheese, and a long rectangular piece of what seemed to be a grilled cheese bread.  The serving size was decent for $12.

The pasta itself was cooked pretty well.  The chicken was tasty as it seemed like it had been marinated with a slightly salty flavour (which was moderated when eaten with the overall pasta) and also had a mild pepper taste.  The tomato based sauce wasn't bad - not sour, and not overpowering.  There was also a mild cheese taste running through from the parmesan.

The cheese bread was coated on one side, wasn't overly strong in any flavour whilst eating the pasta, but was still quite tasty.  It looked and tasted like it had been grilled over the top, had a slight crunch to it, and was distinctly different to your standard garlic breads often served at other places.

Rump steak - $12

The Wednesday $12 special is the rump steak.  The steak served was a small/medium size and is served with either a mushroom or pepper sauce, a bit of salad, and a choice of chips or mash.

With the steak, I ordered medium rare but the steak came out a bit on the rarer side which I don't mind (though this is very common in pubs).  Otherwise the steak was ok, but as it was rump it was a bit drier to some other cuts of steak and overall it seemed pretty typical for pub standards.

The mushroom sauce I selected with the steak didn't really have a strong mushroom taste (but had sliced mushrooms in it), had a gravy flavour, but the salt level and overall taste did add to the rump steak in a positive way.

The mashed potato I selected had a black pepper taste, and a faint sour taste to it.  It was otherwise quite tasty, slightly but not richly buttery, but also still had a few small chunks of potato in it but overall was ok for a potato mash.

The salad consisted of gourmet lettuce, rocket and tomato served with a creamy and vinegary sweet sauce.  Though largely a pretty standard garden salad, the salad was good to have on this otherwise steak and potato dish.

Overall, the food at the Rosemount Hotel is pretty normal of a pub that doesn't serve fancy food.  The $12 specials aren't bad value and with the added bonus of being able to have a casual beer or wine with your food in a casual pub atmosphere makes it not a bad place to catch up with friends.

Points to note:  Serves casual pub meals in a pub environment.  A reasonably young and laid back crowd.

Go for: Pub grub, $12 specials, live bands, beer garden and catching up with mates over a beer or two.

Rosemount Hotel
Corner Angove Street and Fitzgerald Streets
North Perth WA 6006
(08) 9328 7062

Trading Hours (for food)
Lunch - Monday to Thursday: 12noon to 3pm, Friday to Sunday: 12noon to 4pm
Dinner - Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 9pm, Friday to Sunday: 5pm to 9:30pm

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