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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zekka, Perth

In Perth's CBD there are many outlets that cater for coffee, or coffee with coffee shop style food. From tiny takeaway coffee outlets, to cafes, to big name franchises, to funky or cozy coffee shops - the choices are abundant. But within these choices the cream of the crop for the coffee aficionado seems far less simple.

Zekka is one of those true to its form funky and trendy coffee shops/cafes that has made a name for itself on the coffee scene offering coffee shop style food to go along with some good coffee. Being attached to a stylish and trendy male clothing store, the owners of Zekka have created a similarly designed and décor fitted coffee shop. Zekka's cafe or coffee shop food offerings include cooked breakfasts, to simple coffee shop style lunches including a modest selection of quiches and pies.

Zekka is located away from the main eating hot spots of the Perth CBD, near the Wellington Street side of King Street in Perth. Whilst this seems to keep it not as hectic as some other more centrally located coffee shops, Zekka has definitely created a name for itself on the Perth coffee scene for the discerning coffee drinker (not to forget to mention that Zekka has a range of teas and nice interesting herbal teas on offer too).

Upon entering Zekka, apart from the bold sign, you are greeted by some huge human figurines, a long hall and then a seemingly petit but fashionable coffee shop that is attached to Zekka's clothing store. Over the counter there is a breakfast menu with the various breakfast offerings; along the counter itself there is a display fridge containing quiches and tarts and some side salads; and of course there is the all important for every coffee drinker's barista and comforting coffee machine.

Zucchini and bacon quiche served with salad (feta salad in this instance) - $11.50

This quiche was pre-made and put on display in the counter fridge. The quiche looked like it had been made as part of a big slab and cut into servable pieces. Upon ordering, the quiche was heated and served with a side salad.

The bacon was diced and the zucchini finely chopped up and mixed into the quiche, giving the quiche a light flavour that was pleasantly not salty but still had a nice light egg quiche taste that wasn’t bland either. The quiche had a good smooth consistency and felt solid and substantial for a quiche though the overall serving size made for a light-ish lunch.

The feta salad was pre-made and also on display in the counter fridge on a big plate. It contained various leafy greens, corn, and had a light vinaigrette. The salad seemed fresh and light and even with the feta, salt or strong tastes didn’t overpower it. The overall meal felt light yet not insubstantial.

Pumpkin and caramelised onion tart served with a salad (garden salad in this instance) - $11.50

This dish was also pre-made and on display in the counter fridge. The pumpkin taste was very prominent in this dish, with bits of caramelised onion throughout the pie adding to the taste of the overall dish keeping it nice tasting for a café style lunch. The filling was also of a smooth, dense consistency and once again the taste was not overpowering apart from the pumpkin.

Similar to the feta salad, the garden salad was pre-made, contained leafy greens and tomato, and had a creamed balsamic sauce. Being a fan of creamed balsamic, this salad was also a nice side to the pumpkin pie.

Cappuccino - $3.50

Whilst I note it is important for any coffee shop or café to make a good coffee, and not being an expert coffee drinker myself, Zekka already has a reputation for excellent coffee. This cappuccino was very smooth and not grainy, the mix was silky strong yet quite neutral in bitter and sourness, and the milk is frothed to a thick and firm foam at a good temperature consistent with the smooth texture.

Though even the most reputable coffee shop is heavily dependent on the individual skill of the barista preparing the particular coffee, and without turning this into a coffee review, my experience in sampling their consistency, texture, and taste of the coffee puts it amongst one of the better coffees available in the Perth CBD.

In summary, Zekka is a cool place to have a coffee or tea, some food, chill out, or go shop for some men’s clothing. Though there are a few places in the Perth CBD that make excellent coffee in the city, Zekka would be amongst those renown coffee shops of which have their own individual style that attracts their own devout followers.

Points to note: This is one of the more reputable coffee shops around the Perth CBD. It is attached to a men’s clothing store King Street style.

Go for: Good coffee, cooked breakfasts, and light lunches.

74-76 King Street
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9481 1772

Trading Hours
Breakfast and lunch – 7 days

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