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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memories from Marque, Surry Hills

I always find it exciting to read up on those annual top restaurant lists.  Not only do they offer some inspiration into what restaurants to aspire to some day dine at, but I like to see what the "experts" have to say and it's always exciting to see Australian restaurants do well in the lists.

As I'm sure many of you know, Marque in Surry Hills has been making some good impressions on the national and international levels having entered into the San Pellegrino's top 100 list, and topped a few Australian and Sydney restaurant award lists.

Last year, I managed to get myself a booking for a Friday night at Marque to try out their ever evolving degustation dinner.  Although Marque is situated in the suburbs, is not a large restaurant, and it doesn't have the spectacular view of say Quay; the food, service experience generally (including a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable wine sommelier) were impeccable and we left there raving about our experience.

Of course, I managed to get some photos to share of our meal that night and here they are.

Chaud-Froid Free Range Egg

Almond Jelly with Blue Swimmer Crab, Almond Gazpacho, Sweet Corn & Avruga
2004, Markus Molitor, Riesling Spätlese, Zeltinger Himmelreich, Mosel, Germany

Ike Jime Squid with Smoked Goat's Curt, Young Coconut & Black Radish
2008, G&J-H Goiso, Aligoté, Bourgogne Aligoté, Burgundy, France

Roast St Helen's Oyster with Mustard & Ham Vinaigrette
2008, Gulfi 'Valcanzjria' Carricante/Chardonnay/Albanello, Siciliy, Italy

Veal Sweetbread with White Asparagus, Rosemary, Celriac & Onion
2005, D. Ostertag, 'Barriques' Pinot Gris, Alsace, France

Roast Muscovy Duck with Steamed Eggplant, Yoghurt and Dried Scallop
2007 Quinta de la Rosa, Touriga Nacional & Franca, Tinta Barroca & Roriz, Douro, Portugal

Wagyu Sirloin with Beetroot, Radicchio, Cocoa, Peanuts and Vanilla
2009, Jamsheed, 'The Garden Gully' Syrah, Great Western, Victoria

Sauternes Custard

Chocolate Mousse 'écrasé', Eucalyptus & Coconut
'Provencal Musketeer'

Salted Caramel Chocolates & Bitter Bon Bons

A great experience, maybe next time I'll do a narrative too!


Candy Palmer said...

How did those foods cost you? Hmm.. The food servings looked very little yet, they are beautiful to look at and I guess great in my mouth and tummy too.. :) heheheh

Adrian said...

Hi Candy

This tasting or degustion menu was $150 and an additional $85 for matching wines.

I agree the serving sizes aren't huge but it is a tasting menu/degustation so given that and matching wines it was definitely enough for me.