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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peninsula Tea Gardens, Maylands

I like lazing around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Some may gear up for a Sunday sesh, others may find their way to the beach (I'm missing Summer already!), and then there's always the popular cafe culture that's suitable all day long.  The cafe culture is responsible for our reportedly increasing coffee consumption but there still seems to be a small increasing trend towards tea in the form of high tea or else the age old cream tea.

One of the more popular Perth tea places that come to mind is Peninsula Tea Gardens over near Tranby House in Maylands.

Approaching Peninsula Tea Gardens, walking alongside the river and through the bush greenery provide a great prelude to some scones with jam and cream (or a high tea).  The venue itself opens up to glimpses (due to the angle) or the river and the green surrounds making a good setting for a nice afternoon of tea drinking.

Pensinsula Tea Gardens is probably most known for its high tea menu.  Whilst the menu has a few lunch options (eg steak sandwich, quiche, and smoked salmon salad) and tea options (eg cream tea / Devonshire tea) the Parisian Afternoon Tea looks to be amongst the more popular of the menu options.

Having not booked and not having the appetite for high tea (I needed a meaty meal before I went out for scones), we ordered a Riverside Cream Tea ($12.50) for each of us which came with two scones served with jam and cream, and a choice of tea in a pot.

Tea cups used as part of Riverside Cream Tea - $12.50

Scones with raisins and scone with raspberries (part of Riverside Cream Tea - $12.50)

The scones were warm and soft in texture.  They were not dry, but quite crumbly.  The scones came with a choice between plain, raisins, blueberries and raspberries, however given they were out of blueberries I opted for one with raisins and one with raspberries.

The dried fruit in the scones, which for being dried through the baking process were still quite juicy, added quite a bit of sweetness.  Overall I thought the scones were quite good and enjoyable on a lazy afternoon.

The scones were also served, as to be expected, with jam and cream.

We liked: The scenic venue along the river; decent scones for a light (or heavier and lengthier) afternoon tea.

We didn't like: Having to wait for a table if you haven't booked; the décor/furnishings seems like it could be spruced up a bit; though I didn't try it, the cakes in the fridge selection looked quite ordinary; service can be a bit chaotic but is still friendly.

Other things to note: You can only book a table for certain menu items (generally high tea set menus) on Sunday afternoons - otherwise just turn up and try your luck.

Peninsula Tea Gardens
Tranby (Peninsula Farm)
Johnson Road
Maylands WA 6051
(08) 9272 8894 

Trading Hours
Tuesday to Sunday - 10am to 5pm

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filipino women said...

We stopped over here during a bike ride 2 months ago. I like where it was located, it's lovely location and the scones were very nice (can't speak for any other dishes but they looked very nice from afar). The serving size was very generous and I struggled to finish the 2 scones since they were pretty filling.

filipino girls said...

and also, they have very friendly service. Althoy, its a little pricey but when you look at the total offering, which includes the setting, the tea service and the food together I don't thinks its too bad value!!