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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Metrio & Co, North Perth

Perth's weather is continuing to warm up and as the sunshine comes out, a lot of bacon gets a grilling.  Who doesn't like a nice cooked breakfast out when the sun is shining?

Today we head to Metrio & Co, a neat but unassuming cafe to catch up for a casual breakfast or coffee.  Metrio & Co is situated smack bang in the middle of the Angove Street cafe strip, with casual seating inside as well as some al fresco seating on the main strip.  Between exposed brick walls, artwork, and modern decor it's not a bad brunch cafe and (for me) does some good food.

The menu, which is written up on a blackboard on the wall, works through a few breakfast staples including an Aussie breakfast option (bacon, eggs, sausage), through to eggs (eg florentine) and mushroom selections, as well as some more basic selections.  Otherwise, apart from the usual suspects with a few variations, the menu isn't very extensive but from what I've had so far at least the food quality has been good.  However supplementing the menu is a range of sandwiches and wraps and quiches in the fridge, as well as some cakes.

Eggs Florentine - $15

The eggs florentine was pretty standard fare as far as eggs florentine is concerned.

Of the two eggs in the eggs florentine one was cooked perfectly with a completely runny centre, whilst the other was a tad over the perfect (for me) mark with the edges of the yolk solid but most of the yolk still runny.  Perhaps a slight slip up, but the eggs were runny enough to soak into and be scooped up by the crusty bread.

The hollandaise sauce was creamy with a consistency like creamy mayonnaise and had a nice acidity running through it giving the dish a great flavour and tangy-ness.  Completing the eggs florentine was lightly cooked spinach.

In a side dish was a tomato salsa.  The salsa itself seemed ok with chunks of tomatoes and onion, and a tangy and slightly sweet flavour, but I didn't feel it really added to the flavours of the eggs florentine for me.

Field Mushrooms - $16

This dish "field mushrooms" kept a couple of field mushrooms as the centre of the dish.  The perfectly cooked (firm, yet tender) mushrooms were placed on top of some thick toast and cooked spinach, and topped with feta and rocket.  Served with creamed balsamic on the base of the plate, the sweet, acidic and salty flavours blended together to make this vegetarian dish quite delicious.

On the side, the familiar tomato salsa added colour to the dish though again didn't add anything for me.


This immaculate looking cappuccino was smooth and a good strength.  The cappuccino wasn't quite as creamy as some other great cappuccinos out there but otherwise I had no complaints.

We liked: The food is up to scratch; nice seating arrangements including al fresco in the busy cafe strip

We didn't like: The menu isn't extensive, but is supplemented by items in the display fridge - you should still find something to suit

Other things to note: There's perhaps nothing that really stands out for me at Metrio & Co above other brunch places, but they do a decent job for what they have
Metrio & Co
36-38 Angove Street
(08) 9227 0077

Trading Hours
7 days - breakfast and lunch

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Lisajb89 said...
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Lisajb89 said...

Your photos are gorgeous! The food looks so fresh and inviting!

UdyRegan said...

There's nothing like a good old hearty breakfast to start your day though and we're blessed we have so many options where we are for that!